Your Digital Science organization is changing scientific research
Help us better understand the uprising of digital science startups!
This survey is designed to obtain snapshot picture of the digital science startup community. This will give current tool developers, but also funders and future entrepreneurs a vision of what current digital science startup landscape.

This survey is conducted by, a platform that lists and describes digital tools for researchers, in partnership with, a community-driven resources to find the best digital tools for researchers. 

The results will be anonymized and published on the Connected Researchers and LabWorm blogs.

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What is the name of your organization?

(feel free to answer anonymously by simply not answering this question)
The early days...

When was your organization founded?

Did you attend an accelerator?

If yes, which one?

When was your main product released?

Type 2017 if not released yet
How long did it take you to release the first product version?

(in months)
People in your organization

What does it take to do what you're doing?
How many founder does your company count?

How many employees did you start with?

How many employees does your company currently counts?

Type of organization.

What are you?
Are you a for profit organization?

If chose to be a nonprofit, could you tell us why?


How did you get the money?
How many major funding round(s) did you go through?

How much did you raise up to now (in USD)?

Please indicate your currency.
What are your funding sources?

What is the current revenue you generate per year (in USD)?

Write 0 if no revenu.
Do you plan on generating revenue in the next 2 years?

Your users.

What does your user base look like?
What was your traction during the first 6 months?

in number of users
What was your traction after 1 year?

Do not answer if non-applicable
How many users do you have now?

What is your percentage of returning users?

What is your projected growth of users for the year to come?

(percentage increase)
Your growth strategy.

What are you doing to grow?
What is your marketing strategy?

Do you consult or collaborate with other tool developers in the field?

What challenges would you say your industry is facing?

Take a step back...
Reaching brand awareness by researchers.

User adoption

Technical difficulties

Funding difficulties

Finding the right employees


Other challenges?

What about a Digital Science discovery platform?

Connected Researchers and LabWorm have been curating the tools you develop to make them more visible to researchers. A few questions about your views on such platforms.
First, a quick question. Do you feel part of a of "digital science community"?

How valuable would you think researchers would find a platform that lists, ranks, and discusses digital tools and ressources for researchers?

If this platforms allows you to showcase your products, engage with users, and engage with other tool developers. How valuable would it be to you as a tool developer?

What functionality from the site would you find useful?

How much would you be willing to contribue per month for such a service (in USD)?

Type in 0 if you would not be willing to contribute financially.
What concerns about such a platform would you have?

Thank you very much for your time. 
If you have indicated your email address, we will alert you when we  publish the results of this survey.

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